A Website into Your Business

Your website is the window into your business. Indeed, with ecommerce solutions it can become an important and integral part of your business – it can become your shop, counter and till.


Promote Marketing have a wealth of experience both designing, building and maintaining websites. Furthermore, we’re a WordPress specialist – so we’re comfortable with the Content Management System used by over 80% of websites on the World Wide Web.


But great website architecture isn’t only about how it looks. Right from the very beginning of the design phase there needs to be attention paid to how the website will best ‘rank’ with search engines. Furthermore, website content and structure can have a significant impact on your Pay-Per-Click campaigns – a poorly thought through site can increase click costs considerably.

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We realise every website and every organisation is different, so we have a range of packages to suit all business shapes and sizes.


Great website design is eye-catching and memorable, displaying just what needs to be displayed in a clean, uncluttered design that tempts people to click further.


It is a representation of your business, our team will work with you to provide a clear and concise message on your website that represents your values.


Promote Marketing consider all the factors involved in website design to create a site that harvests opportunities for your business.

WordPress Management

WordPress is a free-to-use Content Management System used by the vast majority of the websites on the internet. Nevertheless, no website is a static thing – it constantly needs updating to remain a safe, useable tool for the consumer.


Promote Marketing can manage this process, taking the pressure off you and ensuring your site is fully functional all of the time.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. Sounds heavy, but in reality it’s about doing lots of relatively smalls things to ensure your website features at the top of Google and Bing.


The backbone of great SEO is content – primary the words that you use on each of your website pages. Search engines examine these words and those that are likely to best return useful information to the searcher get ranked higher on search engines.


Promote Marketing's experience in business, plus their team’s knowledge of SEO, can combine for the best results.

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