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The best website in the world is utterly useless if no one visits it. Sounds obvious, right? But all too often it’s completely forgotten.


Imagine opening a shop and having all the best goods to sell at the best prices, beautifully merchandised and offering the very best retail service you could possibly imagine – and then not telling anyone where the shop is located. All the effort, hard work and talent that created the shop in the first place will count for nothing.


It’s exactly the same with websites, which is why SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is so fundamentally important.


SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing your website visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. To do this, Promote Marketing engage both technical and creative skills to improve your sites ranking, drive traffic and increase awareness.

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SEO can work nationally and regionally, meaning we can tailor the work we do for you to suit your businesses budget.

Improving Your SEO

There are so many aspects to effective SEO, from the words you use on your site to the way it links to other sites on the web. In addition, it’s about how your site is built in the very first instance.


At Promote Marketing, we consider all these aspects before we begin any new website design and construction project, but it is possible to ‘retro-fit’ key SEO features into sites already live on the web.


That’s what we deliver on any SEO project of an existing website – a thorough analysis of how the site is performing and how this can be improved within the existing sites architecture.

Committing to Effective SEO

Unfortunately, good SEO isn’t a once-only exercise. Optimising a website that hasn’t had any SEO-attention previously is often time consuming in the first instance and once complete it can’t just stop.


Aside from anything else, search engines like websites that are regularly changed and provide new, fresh content. Sites that don’t change at all for months, maybe even years, are viewed badly by Google, Bing and Yahoo because they give the impression the business behind it is shut.


In addition, the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo as just mentioned) are constantly changing the way they ‘rank’ websites. As such, you have to keep in the loop of the changes and make alterations to your site accordingly, otherwise you may get left behind!

Conflicts with Google Ads

In some ways, yes, it does. You could view it that Google Ads is just a paid-for ‘cheat’ to reach the top of search engine results, whereas SEO is a non-paid for tactic for getting to the top of the very same search engines.


It’s not quite that straightforward though, because cost-effective Google Ad campaigns also need a well-optimised website as well.


Perhaps better to think of it like this:


Your garden at home needs regular maintenance such as mowing the lawn and weeding the beds. This is like your SEO – regular best practices that need to be done all the time to keep your site spic and span.


But a garden also needs more to look attractive – more specialist work like fertilising the lawn or planting flowers and shrubbery. This is like Google Ads. Paid-for additional features that make you stand out from the rest.

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