Tips for Distributing Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Our biggest tip for distribution is to be mindful of using features that are native to each social media platform when you share your content.

On Facebook, for instance, simply sharing the YouTube link to your video is a mistake. Facebook does not want people going off the platform so your reach on that post will be reduced.

Instead, use clips of your original video to create a 30- to 60-second teaser to upload to Facebook. Then you have some options for driving traffic back to the original video on YouTube. You place the link to the video in the first comment on the post and verbally tell people where to find it.

Alternatively, you can use the first comment to tell people to search for the title on YouTube to find the video. When those people search that title, they will then click on your video, which sends more beneficial signals to the YouTube algorithm.

On Instagram, use a feed post that uses storytelling to share micro-value points without giving away the whole video. Then use the description to tell people to search the title of your video on YouTube.

For Instagram stories, you can create a graphic that fits Instagram Stories parameters. You can then drive traffic to your video with the swipe-up feature (if you have it), with text in the story that tells viewers to search the title on YouTube or by directing viewers to the link in your bio.

When it comes to your website, an embedded YouTube video works well. It will not negatively affect your SEO by having YouTube embedded where it can on Facebook and Instagram.