Google Ads - Are Smart Display Campaign's "Smart"?

Google have really been hammering home the fact that smart campaigns are the way forward screaming automation benefits such as:

  • Create an online ad quickly and easily.
  • Pay only when people click your ad.
  • Attract more customers to your website or Google Maps listing.
  • Minimal ongoing management necessary.
  • Google Ads runs your ads for you – which is a scary thought!

What the team at Promote Marketing have found.

Over the past few months, we’ve been trying a number of these AI campaign types and one I have found to be most interesting is the Smart Display campaign.

Display campaigns typically don’t tend to generate a huge amount of sales/enquiries themselves but do tend to boost traffic to brand campaigns.

They’re usually a bit boggling to the standard user who aren’t sure what bids to set/what type of ads to run/what placements to be on (or not be on!) etc.

Smart campaigns do tend to take a lot of the guesswork out of things and are, as advertised, very easy to setup.

Once set up, Googles does the rest! They decide on bidding, placements, channels, settings etc. You just sit back and watch.

For those proned to control-anxiety, like us at Promote Marketing. This probably triggers hot flushes, twitching and palpitations.


We’ve actually seen decent results across quite a few of my clients on this campaign type. We’ve genuinely been pleasantly surprised. It’s not just the typical rise in conversion types which I deem as rubbish e.g. smart goals, local conversions etc. It’s been real, live, calls and email enquiries which are of good quality too.

If you want to find out more please drop the team at Promote Marketing a message.